Stone Slinger Services

Stone Slinger Services

Our Stone Slinger Services are a quick and capable option for backfilling with gravel, sand, mulch, dirt, aggregates & other construction material. They’re a perfect option if you’re looking for a fast, reliable, & cost saving option for backfilling. We use durable and reliable equipment to ensure your valuable time and costs are kept to a minimum, while also letting you complete tricky jobs with ease. Instead of long hours and slow progress with a backhoe and labourers, our Stone Slingers:

  • Access difficult-to-reach areas on all manner of sites
  • Provide a variety of options for dispersal
  • Gently spreading topsoil
  • Slinging stones over fences or across ditches to get everything in place, fast.
  • By using our Stone Slinger Services, you can speed things up by backfilling several thousand feet in a day.
  • 22-24 ton capacity
  • 80 foot reach capability


We strive to make your work as efficient as possible, which is why our trucks can be filled on site, using a backhoe, or we can pick up your materials at a local aggregate supplier. We also do our utmost to make sure all materials are used as efficiently as possible, with even and careful distribution and placement to reduce any problems you might have from using general labour. For those trickier jobs that could be a problem for workers, Riverside’s stone slingers have you covered, as our equipment can function on steep slopes, and make easy work of complicated jobs like basement filling or backfilling over cable trenches. Whatever your needs may be, we can work towards making sure they are capably and quickly met with our variety of available equipment.

If you’re interested in our services, contact us today for a custom quotation with our competitive pricing. We aim to provide excellent service and make sure you get the most out of your labour and our equipment on your next job. Call Riverside Concrete Forming today or leave a reply at the bottom of this page for Stone Slinger rental inquiries & project quotes to get your site moving faster and more easily! Contact Riverside today!


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